Nation-State Ransomware Report: A Webinar Briefing

Explore state-sponsored ransomware threats with

Jon DiMaggio.

Analyst1’s Chief Security Officer, Jon DiMaggio, walks through key findings related to the Colonial Pipeline hack, EvilCorp, Sidoh espionage malware, ransomware gangs, and their ties to the Russian government. Dive deep into the findings as Analyst1 continues to monitor and research further developments.


Key Findings:

  • For the first time ever, we uncovered SVR and FSB — collaborating with ransomware gangs, working together to compromise US government-affiliated organizations between October and December 2020
  • The Russian government employment of multiple criminal organizations responsible for ransomware attacks and banking malware operations
  • Shared source code between custom espionage malware Sidoh and Ryuk ransomware
  • The development of Sidoh by someone with access to Ryuk source code
  • Ties between ransomware attacker EvilCorp and espionage adversary SilverFish
  • Shared source code from previously observed Russian-based espionage malware

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